Disney’s ‘Elena of Avalor’ Adds Diversity to the Princess Lineup

Move over Disney princesses, there’s a new royal beauty in town!

Tonight, the highly anticipated animated series, “Elena of Avalor,” will premiere on the Disney Channel and Disney Junior at 8pm EDT. The hour-long special will introduce Elena to the world.

Set in the enchanted fairytale land of Avalor, the series tells the story of Elena, a brave and adventurous teenager who has saved her kingdom from an evil sorceress and must now learn to rule as crown princess until she is old enough to be queen. Elena’s journey will lead her to understand that her new role requires thoughtfulness, resilience and compassion, the traits of all truly great leaders.

(Courtesy of Disney Channel)

(Courtesy of Disney Channel)

My daughter hasn’t been this excited for an animated series since “Doc McStuffins” debuted four years ago. Now that she’s older, I’m sure she’ll be able to identify with many of the series’ underlining themes that Disney so brilliantly conveys to young audiences. During the Disney Social Media Moms Conference in May, I was lucky to have gotten a sneak peek at Elena and I, too, have been looking forward to this premiere ever since!

Not only will “Elena of “Avalor,” be a great addition to the Disney lineup—but she’ll also serve as a great role model for girls of color. During the Disney Social Media Moms Conference in May, I was happy to learn that the show will incorporate Elena’s Latin and Hispanic cultures through music, food and more—educating audiences along the way.

While Tiana is by far my favorite Disney Princess, Elena might give her some fierce competition!

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