In Case You Missed It: Beyoncé Releases Sleigh-Worthy Holiday Goodies

Beyoncé told y’all she came here to slay.

But, this time she’s hoping to sleigh her way right under your Christmas tree. The superstar singer just released a collection of kitschy and cute holiday offerings perfect for your Bey-obsessed bestie.

From “Boy, Bye” boy shorts to “Formation” inspired wrapping paper, you’ll be crazy in love with these light-hearted goodies. All items are available on

Forget eggnog, we’ll be sipping on lemonade this holiday season.

Check out the merch below:


I Sleigh Red Pullover available here, $60


I Came to Sleigh Cropped Tee available here, $40


Boy Bye Boy Shorts available here, $18


Blue and Yellow Pattern Wrapping Paper available here, $16

Will any of these punny pieces make it on your shopping list? 

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