A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of catching a press screening of the upcoming film, Notorious. This biopic based on the life of the late rapper, Christopher Wallace better known as the “Notorious B.I.G” or “Biggie Smalls” gives viewers a glimpse into the world of the legendary lyricist from his rise to fame until his untimely death.

Most of the actors do an excellent job portraying their famous characters, especially breakout star Jamal Woolard who plays Biggie. However, Derek Luke as “Puff Daddy” (his moniker back then) wasn’t exactly what I was expecting – I guess Puff’s unique swagger just can’t be copied.

Overall, it was a respectable movie that I’m sure hip-hop fans and moviegoers around the world will enjoy; it’s just too bad Biggie isn’t here to witness it.

Do you plan on seeing, Notorious? Were you a fan of his music? If so, what is your favorite song by him?

Check out the trailer:

In theaters nationwide on Friday, January 16th!

P.S For those readers in NYC, did you notice how the Union Square – 14th Street train station is like a huge billboard for the movie!! LOL

The “Perfect” Holiday Movie

I had the pleasure of seeing The Perfect Holiday the other night. Despite an extremely cold evening, I had to go support our BGs and guys who directed, produced and starred in this pioneering romantic holiday comedy.

Prior to the release of this film and This Christmas, which came out last month, there hadn’t been any holiday movies starring an all African-American cast. I know that’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

The movie is about a recent divorcee with 3 young children named, Nancy, portrayed by the beautiful BG Gabrielle Union who is anxious to start dating again. The adorable, Khail Bryant plays her daughter who makes a wish to a shopping mall’s Santa Claus for her mom to meet a nice man. She inadvertently sets her mom up with who Union’s character thinks is an ideal suitor, played by actor, Morris Chestnut, but finds out that he hasn’t been completely honest with her. During their courtship, her eldest child portrayed by Malik Hammond, isn’t exactly adjusting to his mother’s new boyfriend. He tries to sabotage their relationship by playing pranks on Chestnut’s character a la Home Alone style.

In the midst of the romantic twists and turns, the film is sprinkled with magical and funny scenes acted by an unbelievably talented cast which includes: Queen Latifah (who actually produced the movie), Terrence Howard, Charlie Murphy, Faizon Love, Jill Marie Jones, Rachel True and Katt Williams.

It’s refreshing, relatable and simply entertaining which makes it the perfect movie to take your entire family to see this holiday season.

Gangsta Lovin’

If you don’t do anything this upcoming weekend, make sure you go check out Denzel Washington’s latest movie, American Gangster also starring the incredibly hunky Russell Crowe. This extremely gritty, edgy and perfectly executed tale based on the infamous Harlem drug lord, Frank Lucas’ life had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end.

It follows the life of the drug kingpin’s rise to the top of the narcotic trafficking ladder in Harlem during the Vietnam era. Crowe plays Officer Richie Roberts, one of the few good cops who try to take down the drug empire. While both actors seemed to have done an outstanding job capturing their character’s personality, Washington embodied the arrogance, ruthlessness and greed of the very complex Lucas character effortlessly. His ability to make you feel like he was the heartless and cold-blooded Frank Lucas is a skill that not many actors possess. Washington’s riveting performance will definitely land him an Oscar nomination and if it doesn’t, the powers that be in Hollywood must be smoking that blue magic (heroin) that Lucas pushed back in the late 60s and 70s!

Even though the movie was entertaining, it still leaves you with a pain in your gut because you know that it is based on real facts. We all know that the insurgence of drugs within the African-American community during that period set the tone for the demise of our families across the country for years to come. Nonetheless, as I’m sure all BGs will agree, Washington’s captivating portrayal never made a gangster look so good!

In theaters, Friday, November 2nd nationwide, but I’ve been told it’s already been on the streets…bootlegging at it’s finest.