Cool & Calming Cream

Now that my skin has been going through so many changes during pregnancy, I haven’t been able to use many of my previous go-to products due to their potentially harmful ingredients. Therefore, I’ve been trying different natural and organic products, but there’s one that stands out – California Baby’s Calming Botanical Moisturizing Cream.

California Baby’s Calming Botanical Moisturizing Cream available at for $9.99 (2 oz.)

This rich & creamy moisturizer contains naturally calming ingredients such as French Lavender to soothe the skin. Plus, it’s ideal for individuals suffering from eczema and other sensitive skin conditions. Although it can be used all over the body, it’s also safe for use on the face, which is where I apply it. It leaves my skin super soft and supple and helps to combat the super dry patches that have popped up around my hairline. In addition, it seems to have tamed my acne flare-ups.

This product is perfect for mommies-to-be and babies, but is actually great for everyone!

Have you ever used this product? Do you use any products that are made for babies, but works wonders for you too?


  1. LAWD HAMMERCY!!! these twins have kicked my booty into oblivion…been gone so long, i missed the news that a baby BGG is on the way!?!?!?! LOVES IT!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!! oooooooh, so excited for you…and a girl too??? they are so much fun!!! best wishes to you and your fam 🙂

  2. Hey PCD!!! I’ve missed you. I need to check out all of my fave blogs again. I’ve been soooo out of it. I know I have a lot of catching up to do. Wow, twins!! That must be double the fun!! Thanks for the well-wishes. 🙂

  3. I love baby oil & baby lotion. We don’t have children yet, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to stick with the same products I use now once I’m pregnant but I’m guessing probably not. I’ve seen a lot of my friends and family with itchy bellies during their pregnancies so I might need something a bit stronger than baby lotion to calm the itchiness.

  4. I love all things natural so that alone would make me want to try this product.
    Thanks for the info.

  5. I have been away for soooooo long BG, that I have to Congratulate you on your upcoming new addition. I too am expecting in about 6 weeks, baby boy #3!!! I have been using J&J Creamy Baby Bath wash in my daily morning soaks and Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Bath…they seem to help me get through the aches of the day! Congratulations again!!!

  6. This sounds lovely. I love the calming factor of baby products. Evey once in a while I go to the baby powder and baby oil after a bath. So nice.

  7. No and No but I’m happy you have found something that works for you. Being comfortable is so super important while making a person!! I’m old school and back then you got pregnant and had a baby that’s it and that’s all. There weren’t so many warnings and special products. You used whatever was in the cabinet, closet or under the sink…usually Vaseline! ahahahahaha

  8. I love the smell of lavender in the evening it help me relax. Great suggestion.

  9. i love this product..i use it every morning!

  10. My husband swears by baby oil! I personally don’t use any baby products.

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