Beautiful Black Books

I don’t know about you, but I love a nice coffee table book. Even though my current apartment is too small for me to even think about putting the tiniest coffee table in it, I still collect nice hard cover books for the day when I can actually move into a reasonably sized apartment where I can buy “real” furniture and fully decorate my humble abode, but I digress.

The photo-essay styled book was actually featured in this month’s Essence and showcases celebrity and everyday women with their fathers. Because I’m a sucker for celebrities and the art of photography, this book is a must-have!

Earlier this year, I came across a similar book entitled, “Pop: A Celebration of Black Fatherhood,” by Carol Ross that features a stunning collection of black & white photographs of African-American men with their children. I think both books are definitely worth purchasing because they’re artistically beautiful and celebrate black fatherhood, which far too often gets a bad rap.

So go out and get these books because you can add sophistication and style to your space while supporting black authors and photographers. You know we BGs love dual-purpose purchases!

Available at for $27.95 (it goes on sale Oct. 30)

Available at for only $16.95 (this is steal because it was originally $29.95)

Blushing Beauty

In my quest to find the perfect blush/bronzer, I made yet another trek to the beauty Mecca – Sephora! As you can probably tell by now, I have quite an obsession with buying products that will help give my skin that shimmery, golden/rose glow. After hearing so much hype about NARS’ blush/bronzer in Orgasm for years, I decided that I had to try its sister color – Lovejoy. Because we BGs don’t need that much color or shimmer to make our already beautiful skin radiate, this color perks up the cheeks and cheekbone perfectly. However, if you take my advice and try this blush/bronzer be sure to tap off the excess powder, otherwise, you could end up with cheeks as red as Raggedy Ann!

Available at Sephora: for $25

Here are a few examples of blush/bronzer done right by some of our favorite BG celebrities.

Halle Berry

Kerry Washington

Thandie Newton

Lauren London

What About Your Friends?

We BGs always value our true friendships. However, there are times when one of your girls becomes more of a bother than a buddy. When that time comes you need to know when to cut her loose. Good friends are like fine wine, they usually get better with time, but with some women, that is just not the case.

I had the difficult experience of ending a nearly 4-year friendship recently that took a lot of consideration and introspection. Ending a friendship can sometimes be as emotional as breaking up with your beau. Although, I must admit the end result can leave you feeling empowered, liberated and burden-free! I know that’s exactly how I felt with my decision to end my friendship. Take note from that episode of Girlfriends when Joan and Toni finally called it quits. It may just be television, but Joan seems to be doing just fine without Toni even though it may have hurt in the beginning.

Our time on earth is just too short to deal with someone who doesn’t add anything to our lives, but drama, stress, jealousy and a laundry list of other negative attributes. Cherish those who are always there and hold them near and dear to your heart because true friends are really hard to find.

5 Tips on When You Should End a Friendship

1.When she only points out the negatives in things that pertain to you. Example: You tell her that you just bought a new fabulous dress and she says, “It’s cute, but isn’t that style so last season?”

2.When she doesn’t support your decisions. Example: You tell her that you’re breaking up with your boyfriend because you don’t feel he treats you with respect and she says, “Girl you better keep him, you know that he’s the best thing that’s happened to you; plus, we all know you can’t keep a man.”

3.You begin to dread her phone calls.

4.Hanging out with her drains you emotionally because she always has some kind of drama.

5.You always listen and provide advice to what’s going on in her life, but when it’s her turn to lend an ear and give you some feedback she’s too busy.

New Girl in Tinseltown

Remember last week when I said that I was going to check out a few other Tyler Perry films after seeing the brilliant Why Did I Get Married? Well, I got that chance this weekend. On Saturday I curled up on my comfy futon and wrapped myself in my favorite super soft pink robe and popped in the first movie in my personal Tyler Perry Catch-up series — Daddy’s Little Girls. I had heard that it was a great movie with a positive message. I was really impressed with Idris Elba; I don’t know if I was moved by his character or mesmerized by his sexy swagger. At any rate, I thought that the movie was ok, but definitely not as good Why Did I Get Married. However, the performance by Tasha Smith was strong and I think that she could become a household name very soon. Her incredible and hilarious portrayal in Why Did I Get Married is going to catapult her into a new stratosphere. So here’s to our new “it” girl actress. Move over Kerry and Gabby!

5 Facts about Tasha Smith

She was born in Camden, NJ.

She has an identical twin sister, named Sidra.

She is a motivational speaker for kids in disadvantaged communities.

At the age of 18, she started doing stand-up comedy.

She is one of Tyra Banks’ best friends.

Rachael Ray in Training?

Ever since I moved to New York I’ve realized how much I enjoy cooking. I find chopping fresh vegetables and prepping ingredients to actually be quite soothing. Preparing dinner has become the perfect antidote to having a hard and long day at the office.

Now just because I love to work my magic in the kitchen doesn’t mean that I’m signing up to be a contestant on the next season of Top Chef because I am far from that. In fact, I can’t even get my husband to eat any of my dishes, but that’s another story. So in an attempt to perfect my culinary craft, I’ve started collecting cookbooks.

Every BG should have at least 2 tried and true cookbooks that you can refer to when you want to try whipping up a new dish or find great menu ideas for your next dinner party. You know we BGs love to entertain! So get off the couch or in this case out of your chair and take a visit to your local Borders or Barnes & Noble and start browsing the cookbook section.

Here’s one of my favorites. It’s packed with dozens of tasty and easy recipes.

Available at for $19.77

Bag Habit

Like most BGs, I’m a handbag fanatic! Although I can’t afford to splurge on some of the designer brands like Fendi, Alberta Ferretti or Balenciaga, I still find classic styles that complement my wardrobe as well as my bank account. I know I told you about the “it” colors of the season last month – metallics, but the style of the moment is the quilted pattern. Designers are now mimicking the classic Chanel quilted look with their handbags. From a small and shady back room on Canal Street to high-end boutiques in Italy, the quilted bags are all the rage. I’ve seen this refined and chic style in a variety of colors and shapes. I haven’t purchased one just yet, but when I do, it’s going to be hot!

Check out some of my favorites:

Marc Jacobs Quilted Alyona: $1,375.00 available at

Helen Welsh Quilt Embossed Envelope Clutch: $198.00 available at

Francesco Biasia “Diva Dream Six” Nylon Satchel: $625.00 available at

Brahmin “Roxanne – Essex” Quilted Shoulder Bag: $250 available at

I don’t like this one as much as the others, but it’s the most affordable! Nine West Quilted Satchel: $59.00 available at


Every BG has a favorite feature that they like to play up with makeup. Mine are my eyes, hands-down. I agree with the saying that the eyes are the windows into your soul. That’s why I make sure that my eyes reflect my soul, which I feel is beautiful. I beautify my eyes on a daily basis by lining them with the blackest of black eyeliner, followed by 2 coats of black mascara. I have tried tons of eyeliners and mascaras. I’ve used everything from designer products to the ones that you can find at your local drugstore. Throughout all of the different brands that I’ve applied, I stick to my tried and true favorites – Revlon Colorstay eyeliner in black and everybody’s favorite mascara – Maybelline Great Lash in blackest black. These two inexpensive products have never let me down. The properly applied combination of the two make my eyes pop without looking like Tammy Faye Bakker. I have oily skin so before I tried Revlon’s Colorstay eyeliner, my lids would look like I had used soot for eye shadow. Now my liner never smears, which is a hard feat for an oily girl like me. Not only does the mascara create to-die-for lashes, it also comes in a pretty pink and green tube. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked if my eyelashes were false because of the unbelievable length that this mascara creates. If you want your eyes to look picture-perfect and camera-ready at all times, definitely give these two a try!

Available at or your local drugstore.

Available at or your local drugstore.