Battle of the Seasonal Beverages: Hot Chocolate vs. Egg Nog

Is it me, or is this year is flying by faster than you can say, “Brown Girl Gumbo?” It seems like it was only yesterday the little ones were out trick-or-treating!

Anyway, now that it’s already December, that means the two quintessential seasonal beverages are back to satisfy taste buds: classic hot chocolate and egg nog.  These decadent drinks bring back childhood memories and serve as the ultimate cozy component to a cold, winter’s night.

Hot Chocolate or Egg Nog, which do you prefer?

While I’m not a huge fan of either, I am partial to hot chocolate simply because I like dropping in a few mini marshmallows just for fun. The kid in me still loves the idea of adding cloud-like bites of sweetness to anything.

I’ve tasted egg nog once or twice, but I don’t remember it being mind-blowingly delicious. Even though I never order the frothy treat, I still like seeing it on menus because it signifies that the holidays have officially arrived!

And, if you prefer your “hot cocoa” or “egg nog” in the tub rather than a mug, these limited edition 3-in-1 shower gels are a must!

Philosophy’s Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath available here; $16

Philosophy’s Old-Fashioned Egg Nog Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath available here; $16

Which of these rich, old-fashioned drinks do you like to indulge in during the holidays? Would you ever purchase “hot cocoa” or “egg nog” shower gel/bubble bath?


  1. nice post

  2. I am not a fan of either…YUCK! No sure about the shower gels. That’s probably a no too.

  3. siren4105 says:

    i love BOTH. Hot chocolate is great hot or blended up as a Sonic shake. ANDDDD… eggnog is ALSO great steaming hot with spices, over ice, or blended up in a daiquiri. I would definitely try the eggnog shower stuff, MAYBE on hot chocolate bath stuff but probably not if it only came with the added caramel scent.

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