BGG Chats w/Beverly Johnson!

Photo by Fadil Berisha

Before Chanel Iman, Tyra or Naomi ever thought about walking down the fashion runways, there was Beverly Johnson – one of the original “supermodels.” Paving the way for countless African-American models, Beverly has strutted her stuff on hundreds of runways and graced a myriad of magazine covers. Not only has this true beauty modeled, she is also an actress and author. But for all of you hair and beauty buffs, Beverly is a businesswoman who owns a line of wigs and most recently a restorative/conditioning and styling product line called, Beverly Johnson Hair Care.

Available at Target, Beverly Johnson Hair Care, has the perfect products to help protect heat and chemically treated hair. I’ve been using several of the products for a few weeks now and have been thoroughly pleased with the results and I’m sure you will be too!

Check out our Q&A:

BGG: What inspired you to start your wig/hair business?
Beverly Johnson: In 1996, I discovered a wig and hair extension company that was on the verge of bankruptcy. I was presented with the opportunity to partner with the company and against the advice of my business manager, agents and attorneys, I decided to invest in the company. One year later, the company not only was in the black but we were showing record profits. I was grateful that I had found an outlet for my vast beauty expertise and desire to help ethnic women look their optimum.

BGG: What can women expect when they wear your wigs and use your hair products?
BJ: Women can expect to indulge in wigs that truly have been stylized to maximize their specific hair style needs. As for the hair care products, they have been specifically designed for ethnic hair needs.

BGG: What’s your favorite product from your new hair care line?
BJ: The Conditioning Pomade–this is a highly effective pomade that smooths edges with optimum results. I think it’s the best pomade ever formulated in the history of hair care!

BGG: Do you remember your reaction when you first saw yourself on the cover of a magazine? Did you go out and buy a ton of copies?
BJ: I was on location on an island when my first Glamour magazine cover hit the newsstands. The editor brought the issue with her and showed it to me. When I first saw it, I thought is that really me? I was excited beyond belief. Upon arriving back home, I saw the row of magazine covers in the airport newsstand; it was awesome.

BGG: Why do you think there’s been a regression of women of color being represented on today’s runways?
BJ: Fashion is cyclical. If you notice all things in fashion have cycles. During the seventies, there was an enormous surge of black models on the runways. Then it lessened. Then the nineties saw another resurgence. Now we are in a holding pattern. It’s heartbreaking to see so many stunning black models being under used. As usual, the solution is about having our own outlets to provide employment.

BGG: If you could give only three words describing what it takes for a young woman to have a successful modeling career, what would they be?
BJ: Stunning beauty, tremendous drive and fortuitious LUCK.

BGG: You are not only a phenomenal supermodel, author and actress, but an outstanding business woman too. What do you think you has been the key to your success?
BJ: Nothing comes easy for me. But I do notice that I have tremendous perserverance. I simply keep going and ride each wave of reinvention with dignity, grace and humor!

**One lucky reader will win the entire Beverly Johnson Hair Care line, which includes an Extra Strength Serum, Anti-Breakage Serum, Light Polishing Shine Spray, Strengthening and Smoothing Treatment 2 Vial Pillow Pack, Combing Spray, Relaxing Mousse, and Conditioning Pomade. Simply leave a comment and a winner will be selected randomly and announced later this week.


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    I love to see women who look like me taking risks and being business savy. Great inspiration!

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    I remember you as a little girl and you still got it! Good Luck to you. God Bless!!!


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  21. Wow! Beverly Johnson’s wig/hair business is impressive. It’s good that she used her beauty, talent, resources and perseverance to come up with a business that helps a lot of ethnic women care for their hair. My sister is an avid collector of wigs and I’d like to share this post to her. Her favorite wig products include forever young wigs, motown tress wigs, synthetic wigs and lace wigs. Thanks for sharing this incredible post, Brown Girl Gumbo! It’s a chance to have a closer look of Beverly Johnson’s life.

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