Black History Month: Disney Junior to Air ‘We Are Doc McStuffins’

While I try to monitor the amount of television my toddler watches, there’s one show that always gets the green-light in our house—Disney Junior’sDoc McStuffins.”

This entertaining and educational cartoon debuted last March and features an adorable young African-American girl named “Doc,” who aspires to be a doctor like her mom. In the series, “Doc,” diagnoses and “finds cures” for her “ailing” toys.

The animated show helps to diminish toddlers’ fears associated with visiting doctors for routine check-ups, while teaching them the importance of being active and healthy. Plus, it promotes positive images for all children, especially those of color.

Disney Junior's "Doc McStuffins," airs weekdays  at 10:30 am and 4:30 pm.

Disney Junior’s “Doc McStuffins,” airs weekdays at 10:00 am and 4:00 pm.

In honor of Black History Month, Disney Junior is debuting “We Are Doc McStuffins” interstitials that will feature three real-life African-American physicians sharing what their jobs entail, and saluting their heroes. They will begin airing today on Disney Junior (10:25 am and 4:25 pm EST ) followed by a brand new Valentine’s Day episode of “Doc Mcstuffins.” The short segments will run through spring.


Dr. Aletha Maybank, Queen Majesty Ruffin  Photo Courtesy: Disney Junior

The interstitials feature three of the founding members of the “We Are Doc McStuffins” movement – Dr. Myiesha Taylor, an emergency doctor based in Dallas; Dr. Aletha Maybank, a pediatrician in New York City; and Dr. Naeemah Ghafur, a family doctor in Los Angeles who provides specialized care for the underserved, including the elderly and patients with high-risk illnesses.

Ava with her favorite toy, "Doc McStuffins." She sleeps with her every night!

Ava with her favorite toy, “Doc McStuffins.” She sleeps with her every night!

Watch a sneak peek:

If you haven’t seen “Doc McStuffins,” definitely  check it out! I enjoy watching it with my daughter because it’s an awesome animated show that encourages children to aspire to greatness!


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