The Blushed, the Bronzed & the Beautiful!

Any professional makeup artist will tell you that blending is essential to creating a flawless look. That’s why I opt for blush and bronze duos to create a gorgeous effortless glow.

Most duo blush/bronzers are part shimmer for defining and highlighting cheekbones, while the other half serves as the pigment to give a beautiful flush of color to cheeks. The perfect combination of color and shimmer is super flattering on most BG skin tones. As you guys know, I have a serious blush/bronzer addiction. Currently, I’ve been using the Too-Faced set found below.

Do you wear duo or maybe even multiple blushes/bronzers?

Check out some of these:

Too-Faced Bronze & the Beautiful available at for $35

IMAN Blushing Duo available at for $10.99

NARS Highlighting Bronzing Blush Duo available at for $37

Sephora Blush Me Twice available at for $8

Benefit 10 available at for $28

Philosophy The Supernatural Mineral Blush Duo available at for $25


  1. BGG, I do not wear blushes or bronzers but I envy all the ladies who do! I’m just too scared to try it. I think I look silly with blush on my full face!

  2. I agree with K-Bear! I haven’t got the guts to try it yet.

  3. I can’t go a day without bronzer. My favorite is the classic guerlain Terra cotta.

  4. I like the sephora brand trio bronzer and Terracota liquid bronzer…very nice.

  5. @K-Bear and Rebee – Don’t be afraid. You’ll like it I promise! 🙂

  6. kitty vodka says:

    love bronzers!

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  8. Great recs. I LOVE BRONZER AS YOU KNOW! one of my favorites is the hula bronzer by benefit. I’m going to check out some of your recs this week!

  9. I love Blush or Bronzers! I tend to use Blush more often though. Ladies if you don’t put on anything else try applying a bronzer or blush. It adds a polished effect to your look!

  10. @Nicole and BGG – I’m trying a bronzer tomorrow! I’ll let you guys know how it turns out.

  11. @Rebee – Please let me know how it turns out!!! I can’t wait to find out. 🙂

  12. Im a Hudge fan of bronzer. Its something about that radiant glow that brightens up a room!

  13. I like to wear bronzers. I just found a 100% organic bronzer by Philosophy that I’ve meaning to try.

  14. I love Bronzers! Especially in the summer.

  15. i’m kinda lemming that benefit duo…i saw a youtuber use it and it looks fab

  16. I just started wearing blush, although once in a while. Still need pointers on how to apply it though.

  17. BGG, I’ve tried the full gamut. I want to encourage people to find a bronzer that works for them. I’m so pale in the Chicago winters, so I depend on MAC Bronzer. I use it around the hair and jawline for a natural “glow” and then do a dusting on the apples of my cheeks and the bridge of my nose. Perfect for a subtle flush!

  18. I dont wear foundation at all but for a fresh/natural look I luv to use a bronzer. I LUV my M.A.C bronzing powder in “deeper bronze” give me that “red bone mahogany flavor”…

  19. I usually wear blush but have never used a bronzer. The benefit color looks like it’s for me though ;o)

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