Carol’s Daughter Gift Set Giveaway!

‘Tis the season for sensational holiday sets! Carol’s Daughter has several sweet-smelling gifts that will make the people on your Christmas list jump for joy! Since I’m a huge fan, I plan on giving and receiving a few treats from this beloved brand. These lovely sets are a sure bet for your mother, aunt, sister or BFF.

Feeling Nice Hair Set $28.50 (includes: Tui Herbal Shampoo 8 fl oz, Tui Leave-in Conditioner 8 fl oz, Sugar-Dipped Vanilla All Over Sheen 4 fl oz, Nice Head Band)

Naughty & Nice Body Set $28.50 (includes: Ecstasy Body Cleansing Gel 8 fl oz, Almond Cookie Shea Soufflé 4 oz, Sugar-Dipped Vanilla All Over Sheen 4 fl oz, Hit-the-Spot Body Massager)

Sugar-Dipped Trio $30 (includes: Sugar-Dipped Vanilla Body Cleansing Gel 8 fl oz, Sugar-Dipped Vanilla Body Cream 2 oz, Sugar-Dipped Vanilla All Over Sheen 4 fl oz)

Feeling Naughty Hair Set $28.50 (includes: Black Vanilla Shampoo 8 fl oz, Black Vanilla Leave-in Conditioner 8 fl oz, Sugar-Dipped Vanilla All Over Sheen 4 fl oz, Flirty Head Band)

Naughty & Nice Body Cleansing Gel Trio $30 (includes: Sugar-Dipped Vanilla Body Cleansing Gel 8 fl oz, Almond Cookie Body Cleansing Gel 8 fl oz, Ecstasy Body Cleansing Gel 8 fl oz, Shower Poof)

*All sets are available at

Have you started your Christmas shopping? Are you a fan of Carol’s Daughter? One lucky winner will win a set of her choice. Simply leave a comment telling me why you like the brand and a winner will be randomly selected and announced late this week.


  1. I like the brand because it’s made my someone who actual uses it. I love a good entrepreneur story (and fabulous hair)!!!

  2. I love this brand because it’s a clear example that dreams do come true. L. Price’s story of how she started her company and how got it off the ground is inspirational. Love the scent of the Sugar Dipped Vanilla too!


  3. I’ve been a fan of Carol’s Daughter products for years. Before they were available in stores, I wanted to be an independent consultant. The products are made by us and for us, simply a phenomenal brand.

  4. I love Carol’s Daughter because, my hair was very weak & dry. I used the black vanilla collection & it actually made my hair grown. I love the smell & how it makes my hair feel & look!!!!

  5. I love the brand because it looks promising. I havent tried the line, but I intend to. & she has so many beautiful black women who stand behind her, such as Solange, Chrisette Michele, Mary J. Blige, and Jada Pinkett, and are believers and actual users of her products.

  6. I’ve been a fan of Lisa Price, and all of the products smell great!

  7. I’ve never used the brand before but everyone that I know that does loves it. I’m hoping to become a new convert 🙂

  8. I love it because they smell amazing!!

  9. I love the brand because it’s delicious!

  10. I like the brand it because it shows a strong black woman in the place of power. It shows how important having a good business acumen is to success and Carol’s Daughter is actually a product that works and does exactly what it says. It’s refreshing to see a black cosmetic empire!

  11. I’ve never tried this brand..though I’ve heard great reviews about it. Would love to try for myself.

  12. I have NOT began my Christmas shopping yet, but luckily I don’t have to get much. My family exchanged names since there are no little kids in the family yet!!!

    **I like this brand because it’s natural and smells yummy***

  13. i love the brand b/c everything smells GREAT, i love jada pinkett smith and mary j blige, i love to support black businesswomen, and it is affordable.

  14. I am a fan of Carol’s Daughter. I love the natural smells. And no I have not started my shopping. Ugh I’m a mess over here.

  15. I love everything about the brand especially the ingredients. It’s not bad that is created by a fellow BGG!

  16. I love this brand because it is black owned. It caters to us brown girls whether natural or relaxed, and leaves our skin soft and glowing. The fact that all of the products happen tp smell good as well is an added bonus. And no honey I have not started shopping yet. I have a 9 year old and ought to be ashamed of myself!! LOL!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    I love the brand because it makes me and my son’s hair look and smell AWESOME!!! I would appreciate the chance to try something new.

  18. hi, when I started my hair journey, all I kept hearing about was Carol’s daughter and how great they were, so I wanted to try the stuff but unfortunately, after reading on the website, I realized they don’t ship internationally, so I was left to just stare at my computer screen and dream about the products. But earlier this year something amazing happened and all that dreaming and wishing and vision board worked and I won a prize in the mail, it was a small perfume and even though they don’t ship outside of the US, I received something. So I am hoping to work some Christmas magic and get some hair products this year. I live in Sweden and boy is it another story trying to get products for naturals. If the hair products are as good as the vanilla perfume I received than that will just be heaven!!!!!!!

  19. I have heard about it but I have never tried it. But I would love to try something new on me and my daughters hair.

  20. I like the brand because I’ve seen them grow to shat they are today. I remember going to the shop in Brooklyn just to inhale. Although some of the products I loved were diswcontinued, I use their Loc Butter and Tui Oils in my hair.

  21. i love the brand because of all the yummy scents!

  22. Ive been using Carol’s Daughter products well before they became available in stores. I absolutely love the product and the concept. Thanks for the opportunity.

  23. I first heard about this brand a few years agi in Black Enterprise. I was happy to hear that Jada Pinkett-Smith endorsed it. It is a great rags to riches story and they smell good, too. 🙂

  24. I enjoy Carol’s Daughter because she is one of the many pioneers for black enterpreneurship. She produced products that she believed in and developed a huge following which lead to the company’s success. Go Lisa!

  25. I’ve heard great things about this brand. I know so many people who love it and use it faithfully. I’d love to try it!

  26. I’ve actually never tried to brand, but i’ve been dying too! I love Price’s hair! I haven’t begun Christmas shopping, but i won’t be buying much this year.


  27. I’ve been a fan of Carol’s Daughter from day 1…from her first store in Brooklyn. The products just keep getting better and better. Love the new Sugar Dipped Vanilla…smells yummy!

  28. The winner of the set is Sunny! Please send me your choice and mailing address! Congrats. 🙂

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