Knock-Out Neutral Handbags

This spring grab a handbag that will work with all of your colorful ensembles this season. Neutral shades are subtle, yet stylish. They can be worn with any shade of clothing making them the perfect alternative to your go-to black bag. The lighter shade is ideal for the warmer months and adds a classic flair regardless of the structure.

Would you wear a neutral handbag? What’s your favorite handbag style? Check out some of these!

Kristin Embossed Exotic Large Handbag available at for $798

Ananas Fabiana Tote available at for $198

Clio Shopper available at for $99

Juicy Couture Free Style Classic Clock Satchel available at for $261

Juicy Couture Lady Luck Handbag available at for $228

Olivia Harris Convertible Leather Shoulder Bag available at for $455

Sara Berman Studded Suede Clutch available at for $110

Tory Burch Bombe Signature Clutch available at for $350

Slouchy Leatherette Shoulder Bag available at for $30.80


  1. That Coach bag would have been perfect had I not seen it was $798 dollars!!! LOL

  2. Hey BGG
    The first bag is beautiful, I think I’m in love.
    Have a great weekend everyone.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i like your style!

  4. I probably would not because I’m always ripping and running (public trans, airports, etc) and I’d be nervous that I would get it dirty.

    Cute pics though!

  5. nice bags, but i prefer white in the summer

  6. I reeeeally like the Ananas Fabiana tote and the Clio shopper. I would rock both of those.

  7. Love those neutral bags. They go with everything.


  8. The first one is gorgeous.

  9. Among all handbag style Kristin Embossed Exotic Large Handbag is Classic Style and looks beautiful. This allows a premier designer in today’s fashion industry, Its is massive demand amongst for young girls.

    Thanks for your information…. Nice Blog!!!

  10. Thanks alot mate Brown Girl Gumbo, this is a really nice Knock-Out Neutral Handbags 🙂 I’m bookmarking this page!!

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