A Legend Lost: Michael Jackson 1958-2009

The man who brought us some of the best pop songs in music history, Michael Jackson, has died. The King of Pop, 50, died from cardiac arrest on Thursday, June 25th.

Please share your favorite Michael Jackson songs, moments, etc. I must say, one of my favorite MJ moments was seeing him dance with the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, a few years ago on the BET Awards. I have many others, but that one stands out to me the most right now.

Rest in peace, Michael Jackson.


  1. What stands out the most for me was when I was a little girl and got to meet Michael while at Disneyland. He was there for Captain EO. That and recreating his songs/performances in “home concerts” for my family! Aww Michael! RIP!

  2. Anonymous says:

    May you rest in peace, MJ. We miss you and love you and will keep your music and memories alive forever! – Miss V in NYC

  3. It’s sad, It really is and part of me still doesn’t believe it you know? Regardless of what he was or did he still touched a lot of people and had many many die hard fans….R.I.P. Michael Jackson you’ll be missed….indefinately.

  4. I am still in a state of shock at the news.

    Words cannot describe the influence that he has had on me and millions of others. There are too many favorites in regards to his music, but one that was an all time favorite growing up was “Human Nature”.

    Many imitate, but he can never and will never be duplicated. May he rest in peace.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Michael Jackson…there is only one! You will be missed!

  6. I have always loved MJ and will continue to do so. His music will live on forever. I’m still sad and shocked by his death. It’s almost surreal.

  7. that guy says:

    mj will be miss

  8. it’s like a bad dream…and you can’t wake up from it….i have soooo many favourites, this man taught me how to sing lol, i owe my ‘fine’ voice to his moldings in my early impressionable years…but, i must say that I can remember his concert on HBO in 1992, I was 7, in Romania, i cried like I was there! That’s when I fell in love with Michael Jackson. A few of my favourites are Beat it, She’s out of my life,you are not alone,….i just loved everything. I am soo blessed to have been born in his time!

  9. ~Ms. Moore~ says:

    Its hard to have just one MJ moment because he has had so many great moments.
    Love for MJ spans 4 generations in my family. My 4yr old grandson LOVES him. He played my 25th Thriller anniversary CD/DVD so long everyday that my daughter had to reduce his viewing and listening time. It is too bad that my grandson will not have opportunity to see him live as I did once.
    MJ and James Brown together on stage. Remember the times and Thriller video to name just a few. He gave awesome concerts.
    RIP Michael Joseph Jackson you will be missed and thought of for generations to come.
    My prayers are with his family, especially his children.

  10. My favorite moment of Michael Jackson is when he and Janet’s “Scream” music video premeired. It was the ultimate duet. I would say his “Thriller” music video, but scares me to this day, but the choreography and the concept was beyond great.

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  12. mimieyes says:

    Yes! he will be missed. But he left us his music and that will be with me forever.

  13. I loved MJ. Like many of you, my childhood was set against the backdrop of his music. His music will live on forever. Every artist out there has been influenced by him or sampled from him. He started the concept video. His true fans will never forget him.

  14. kitty vodka says:

    i am so so upset

  15. He was my first celebrity crush, that’s my most fond memory. Also, when my cruel big sister showed him to me after his surgery. She was like look at your bf now and I was like NOOOOO!!! LOL!

    I’ve been torn up about it, but not in tears, until Janet got on stage at the BET Awards… then it was like Niagara Falls.

    I have happy memories of Mike though. Definitely missing him!

  16. Too many songs I love to pick just one. He will be missed

  17. 🙁 most talented artist of our time!

  18. Entirely shocking lost! I cried for days at the sad news of MJ’s passing. A music icon, a true legend!

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