Pantene Puts the Pretty in Precision

When it comes to hair care products, we BGs have a seemingly endless amount of options. Sifting through the scores of shampoos, conditioners, and styling products makes it difficult to find the right solutions that best suit your hair type. That’s why Pantene ProV recently launched, Customized Solutions, to make things a bit easier.

Since most women’s hair fall into four distinct unique hair structures – Fine, Medium/Thick, Curly and Color-Treated, Customized Solutions will provide the best product performance for your individual hair texture. We BGs, have been fans of their popular Relaxed & Natural products, but since our hair textures vary greatly – this new line allows you to choose with more precision.

If you’re like me and have lathered your locks in Pantene products before, your tresses are in for a special treat with this incredibly innovative new line.

**One lucky winner will win one entire Pantene Customized Solutions collection. The winner will choose the texture that best suits her hair type.


  1. I liked Pantene a lot in the past, esp. for my natural curls. I’m gonna have to try out the new line 🙂

  2. I loved the relaxed and natural line so I know that this line will be even better. I’ve really gotten into taking better care of my hair, so I’m trying to find the right products for my hair type. This line makes it so much easier to find the right products.

  3. I used the relaxed and natural line even while I was relaxed…And now as a natural their product still does wonders for my hair. I would love to try the new line, I am glad they have redesigned their products to make it more geared toward all of the different hair types and styles…

  4. Cool beans. I’ll have to check up on this.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  5. philly0309 says:

    I would love to win a set for fine hair! But does that mean they are doing away with the relaxed and natural line? I am always concerned that since most products are not formulated for our hair that they will be more drying.

  6. This looks cool. I’ve always looking for the perfect combo for my fragile hair.

  7. Lisalis says:

    I anave been checking out this new line everytime I walk into the store.

  8. I’m a hair junkie still looking for my staple products 🙂

  9. I would love to try these Pantene products. I love their Relaxed & Naturals line. Thanks!

  10. I’m curious about the Curly products (must be the PJ in me!). I used the Relaxed & Natural a years ago and it was ok for my hair.

  11. I think this new line is such a great idea. I use Pantene now and I think that it is great that they are catering to different hair types.

  12. Enter Me! I have tried the 2 n 1 shampoo and also the relaxed and natural moisturizer cream.

  13. I definitely need to revamp my haircare routine!

  14. I love Pantene, I am so glad that they are coming out with good hair products for different types of hair. They really care about women’s beauty. I am very excited to try this new line.

    Smooches !!!


  15. This line looks nice. Would love to give it a go in my hair!!

  16. Would love to try this

  17. Wow…where did all these random people come from?!

    Anywho…I haven’t used Pantene in a while. However, I’ve been searching for a new product. My fingers are crossed!

  18. The winner is Redbonegirl97!!! Congrats and please email me your mailing address information. 🙂

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