Pretty/Tasty Pick-Me-Ups

I don’t know about everywhere else in the country, but spring-like temperatures haven’t hit New York City, but layoffs and cut-backs certainly have. Until the warmer weather arrives and the economy is revitalized, a great way to get a dose of spring and a sense of joy is to bring flowers into your space.

In these uncertain times, everyone can use a quick pick-me-up that’s both pretty and generally inexpensive. In addition to flowers, candy is also a thrifty way to treat yourself. Yesterday, I read in the New York Times about how candy sales have increased tremendously as a result of the recession. Who knew?

Pink roses are my absolute favorite flowers. You can purchase bouquets that will suit your budget. Roses are more expensive, but sunflower and daffodil arrangements tend to be more affordable.

Gummi bears are my candy of choice. You can satisfy your sweet tooth almost anywhere, the key is to eat it in moderation!

What beautiful blooms and tasty sweets do you prefer to uplift your mood?


  1. BGG, I just got roses the other day from my BF and you are so right. They really are a pick me up. Every time I look at them I smile! I’m not a big candy person but sometimes a Laffy Taffy is the only thing that makes my crazy commute tolerable!

  2. Actually I think I may have spoken too soon, it feels like it just might be a beautiful day here in NYC!

  3. I love Gerber daisies and tulips. I usually hit the florist on the way home – flower “happy hour” starts at 5 and all stems are half off!

    My candy of choice? Hot Tamales. Love them.

  4. Sour pactch kids are my faves!

  5. i prefer to give lily’s

  6. kitty vodka says:

    haha awww what a lovely post, and actually u are right it is a beautiful day here in NY, unlike yesterday’s painful death winds.
    and my pick me up of choice is Bon Jovi !!!!!!!

  7. I love Jelly Belly jelly beans. They are my absolute favorite. My flower of choice are the white roses with pink tips.

  8. mimieyes says:

    I love flowers and they do make you feel better. My favorite is different colors of tulips all together.
    The other day I got daffodils for $ 1.99 a bunch at that moment I realized that spring is near.
    Happy Spring!!!

  9. I love fruit flower arrangements and chocolate covered strawberries.

  10. Sunflowers and jolly ranchers always give me a pick me up!

  11. OMG gummy bears, how many endless trips to Walgreens and now, Duane Reeds have I endured to fulfill this craving of yours!!!!

    I love pink roses. And pink! I’m still sad to have lost that pink chiffon shirt, I hope I find it for spring, fuschia is EVERYWHERE!

  12. @AZ – Actually my new drugstore of choice for my gummi bears/worms is CVS! They have the best ones and for only a $1!

  13. How fun is this post? SO FUN! I can’t pick a favorite candy, but my favorite flowers are yellow roses. Brings back memories.

  14. thanks bgg…i might pick up some flowers on the way

  15. I love me some gummy bears but I prefer twizzlers.

  16. I love cupcakes with lots of frosting and tulips.

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