Chic & Simple T-Shirt Dresses for the Summer!

This summer why not keep cool in a casual t-shirt dress that can be perfect for weekend brunches or shopping with friends. Paired with ornate sandals and appropriate accessories, a t-shirt dress can be the ideal alternative to summer staples such as a sun-dress or the popular shorts and tank combo.

Would you wear a t-shirt dress?

Jersey T-Shirt Dress available at for $44.99

Diane Von Furstenberg Silk Jersey Dress available at for $365

Catherine Maladrino Silk Jersey T-Shirt Dress available at for $190.40

Pastry Tiger Love Dress available at for $20.80

Silence & Noise Silk Print Dress available at for $68

T-Shirt Dress available at for $22.99

Bebe Tab Sleeve Shirt Dress available at for $59

L.A.M.B. T-Shirt available at for $95

Three Dots Scoop Neck Dress available at for $49.90


  1. Hey, y’all.

    That tiger print dress is really cute but no, I would not wear a t-shirt dress…at least not right now. Maybe once my exercising and eating right results kick in.

  2. I am digging a lot of these T-shirt dresses Mrs. BGG!! Especially the tiger one and the one from Bebe. Love that color and the pockets make it not look so plain. I am glad you posted this… it gives me some ideas for the summer.

  3. BGG, I don’t know how I can pull off one of these with all the new dimples in my thighs but I sure would love to. Dahum. Maybe I can wear one with leggings or maybe I can get one that comes to the knee…..or maybe I just can’t wear this style dress. How unfair!

  4. i really like that one from urban outfitters but generally, i would not wear a t-shirt dress. it would have to be really inexpensive and i would probably only wear it to the beach or as an actual tshirt with jeans.

  5. Very cute!

    Sigh. I don’t think I have the body for it this summer. Maybe next time around.

  6. I’m not quite sure if I would wear one of these. However, the one from banana republic is cute as well as the pastry one.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Love t-shirt dresses.

  8. mimieyes says:

    Wow! very cute indeed. I love the Pastry Tiger and the L.A.M.B

  9. that guy says:

    My wife would look nice in that organe one

  10. yep , I would . I actually have one – its hot pink . I love it , because I can just throw it on and go to work , church , the beach,etc. I think my dress really complements my fuller figure nicely

  11. I don’t knwo if I could pull these off but they sure are cute.

  12. I used to think that I couldn’t wear these type of dresses, due to my legs, but I decided that if I like something then I’m going to go for it! Confidence is key in whatever you wear!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Seems a little 80s

  14. I love tshirt dresses they’re so comfortable. The first one is my fav

  15. Good thing I found this blog. You’ve been hitting everything I love right on the money. I just bought a T-shirt dress on saturday at Nordstrom rack!! Everyone must go there!!! Now!

  16. I just brought one yesterday at Ross. They are comfortable and versatile which is always a plus for me.

  17. Those are truly best casual t-shirt dresses!! Best for summer time!!

  18. I too love to wear simple and chic t-shirt dresses in summer. This season I got two cute dresses from Banana Republic.

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