Soap Stars

While I’m known to be a shower gel kind of girl, I still can’t help picking up pretty soaps. From those luxurious handmade bars at Lush to Sabon’s beautifully-scented soaps, I’m a sucker for sudsy bars that are wrapped in eye-catching designs or adorned with decorative packaging.

Plus, if they’re made with fresh ingredients that combine a mixture of colors and textures, I’m even more inclined to buy. If you’re like me and don’t actually use these these lady-like toiletries, they make great gifts for house guests or lovely eye-candy for your bathroom’s vanity.

Check out these bar-raising soaps:
La Lavande  French Egg Soaps available at  for $44
Sabon’s Kiwi Mango Soap available at for $7
Fresh Waterlily Soap available at for $15
Haslinger Honey Soap available at for $3.95

Lush Summer Pudding Soap available at for $5.95
Mark’s Clean-Up Time Conditioning Bath Soap available at  for $8
Nest Orange Blossom Bar Soap available at for $16
Pacifica French Lilac Natural Soap available at for $5
Agraria Santa Barbara Bar Soap available at for $65
L’Occitane Shea Butter Extra Gentle Soap Vineyard Rose available at for $7
Are you a fan of bar soaps or do you prefer shower gels?


  1. bar soap

  2. kitty vodka says:

    while i do love my shower gels these soaps are too cute

  3. thanks for the great selection

  4. I’m a bar soap gal!

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