Soarin’ High at Disney’s Epcot

Two weeks ago my family and I attended the 2017 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration and made memories that will last a lifetime. After attending my first #DisneySMMC last May, I had high expectations, but nothing could prepare me for what was in store this time around. This year was the celebration’s first Land and Sea Adventure (yes, we went on a Disney Wonder cruise too!) and it was everything one could imagine and more. Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing tips, reviews, insider Disney news and tidbits from what I learned from the celebration’s panel of esteemed speakers.

First up, I want to share one of the highlights from our trip: experiencing the breathtaking Soarin’ Around the World ride at Epcot in Orlando (it’s also at California Adventure Park in Disneyland and Shanghai Disneyland). For me, it’s the one attraction that you can’t miss during a visit to Disney World. Sure, it’s been open since 2001, but last year it was reimagined with new destinations and updates for an incredible multi-sensory journey.


The attraction takes thrill seekers 40 feet into a projection dome simulating the sensation of being airborne high above the clouds. As you’re being whisked over oceans, deserts and even the Great Wall of China, the landscapes are accompanied with wind effects, sounds and even scents—creating an immersive experience.

It truly felt like we were soaring and exploring various continents all under six minutes. Prior to our trip, I told my husband that I hoped to find a ride that would satisfy my love of heights without the speed of a winding roller coaster and Soarin’ delivered. After experiencing it with my fellow mom bloggers during a private ride, I knew immediately that my family would enjoy it too.

At first, my 7-year-old-daughter was a little nervous, but as soon as she was flying high, she was totally entranced. Surprisingly, my 3-year-old son was excited from beginning to end. If I could, I’d ride Soarin’ a million times! It’s definitely my favorite ride and I look forward to many more flights.

Tip: If possible, try to snag the front row for an even more mesmerizing ride.

*I was invited to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration where I received heavily discounted items, promotional gifts, etc. All opinions are my own. 

Have you ever experienced Soarin’? 


  1. It sounds very adventurous and family friendly. I love all the Disney parks – though I’ve only been to two. 🙂

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