The Moodsters: Teaching Preschoolers All About Emotions

Dealing with everyday emotions as adults can be difficult, but for children and toddlers, it can be even trickier.

Thankfully The Moodsters, an educational line of toys and books designed to teach preschoolers about emotional intelligence makes learning about their feelings fun.

Through engaging storytelling—love, fear, sadness, anger and happiness are all personified via friendly characters that go on a quest to help discover and navigate the ups and downs of emotions.

Founded by Denise Daniels, an award-winning broadcast journalist and parenting and child development expert, The Moodsters are the perfect back-to-school gifts for your preschooler.

My almost 3-year-old son adores these books and accompanying toys. He enjoys pointing to each character and muttering their roles: “scary, happy, angry…” The books are really helping him understand the range of his emotions—and we moms know that their moods can change in a millisecond!


Available at Target and Amazon, these books will be a great addition to your little one’s library and toy chest!

How do you help your child understand and communicate his feelings?

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